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Best Beaches in Naxos Island

Summer is loading in Naxos and we thought we shall write about the most beautiful beaches in Naxos Island, so while holidaying in our island you can visit them. One thing is certain, the large variety of Naxos finest beaches is expected to satisfy...see more

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Culinary Tour in Naxos

Naxos? Culinary? Gastronomy? If you are a foodie, or even just curious about original tastes then the answer to this question is yes, Naxos is definitely one of the most authentic Greek Islands where gastronomy was always part of the local culture...see more

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Private Tour in Naxos Island

See and experience of the real Naxos during a private tour in Naxos island along with the company of Spyros, a born and raised Naxian who really loves the island, its history and monuments, but most of all he loves sharing his experience with others...see more

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Last Summer Days and Offers at Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel!

If you are listening to the classic September song suggesting to «wake me up when September ends» then you will probably have to think again if you still have time or you are just now organizing your vacation in Greece. There are many reasons to...see more

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breakfast lagos

Breakfast in Lagos Mare Boutique: Naxian Tastes to Enjoy!

Your first meal, the delicious start of your day in Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel at the beach of Agios Prokopios in Naxos is the right place to enjoy traditional tastes of Naxos island. Besides the freshly prepared international delicacies, in Lagos...see more

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Welcoming September in Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel in Naxos!

September is not another month in Naxos and Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel. Needless to say that this is the month of choice for holidays for many people as the weather is not as hot as in summer, but still with high temperatures making the visits at the...see more

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