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Naxos Festivals , cultural nights with music, art and events

 Naxos Festivals , cultural nights with music, art and events In the island of Naxos, besides the gorgeous beaches, the interesting sights and the activities you will also have the chance to enjoy a lot of cultural festivals organized throughout the...see more

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Summer is Beauty: The beauty treatments in Naxos

Beauty treatments in Naxos Holidays in Naxos; days by the sea, delicious flavours, sightseeing, relaxation. You definitely need more; more facilities and services that will make you feel even more beautiful. We are talking about beauty treatments in...see more

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Island Hopping | Cyclades

More Destinations...Aegean island hopping! Naxos might be the biggest of the Cyclades, the island complex in the heart of the Aegean Sea that will take a lot of days to discover and enjoy the sights, the beaches, the tastes and the sights but if you...see more

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Le village de chora  Naxos

Nature and history: The best attractions in Naxos island.

Top Naxos attractions. Naxos is a big island. Actually, it is the biggest of the Cyclades complex of islands thus it has several sights and points of interest which unveil the aspects of the rich history and the gratitude of the Naxian nature! In...see more

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Honeymoon in Naxos! A romantic stay at Lagos Mare Hotel.

Honeymoon in Naxos! If your wedding is a special then your honeymoon is an even more special time of your life. Choosing a destination and moreover the right hotel to accommodate the days that you remember for your whole life, is an important...see more

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