Day 1 Highlight:
Bread baking in an old watermill
Milling of wheat destined for use in traditional bread making
Collection of vegetables to be used in our cooking class and lunch
Guided tour to the ancient marble statue and of the old olive oil factory
Day 2 Highlight:
Preparing traditional sweets at Koronos Village
Guided tour at the old distillery in Chalki
Folk art museum visits at Kaloxylos and Apeiranthos village
Classic Greek sweets making with the Women’s Cultural Association of Koronos
Day 3 Highlight:
Production process of local goat cheese
Tour of the town’s local shops carrying classic Naxian products
Visit a traditional ceramics workshop
Observe the process of making cheese from goat’s milk
Cooking lesson of a seasonal Greek meal
As you may already know, studying the literature and architecture of a region helps you comprehend its history. Studying its art and music makes you aware of its self-image. It is by its food, though, that you understand its true and unique character. The most communal of the arts, gastronomy is visual and physical, educating and emotional because it is considered to be an expression of culture!!!
Speaking about the present time, “Gastronomic Tourism” tends to be mainly a domestic tourism activity, with consumers travelling to places just to taste and feel the aromas and flavors of locally produced products. That exactly was the inspiration of Lagos Mare Team, in order to create one unique and innovative activity for our guests!!! More specifically, we decided to create an attractive and interesting tour, in order not only to highlight the innumerous flavors that everyone wants to taste but also to give you the opportunity to experience and enjoy the whole preparation process of these traditional products!!!
Naxos is the greatest place to host a gastronomic event because among others the island is well-known for its traditional and distinctive cuisine where the variety, the originality and the endless flavor surprisingly impress any traveler and gives them memories for a lifetime!!! Traditional cuisine of Naxos has a rich history and is offering a huge variety of locally produced ingredients such as cheese, potatoes, meat and olive oil combined with some of the best recipes of Mediterranean diet!!!


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