Wine-tasting at Lagos Mare Hotel

Connecting with the true identity of the Cyclades

Last Sunday, at Lagos Mare, we “raised our glasses” to the future of the Greek wineries, during a gracious evening dedicated to contemporary wine production in the Cyclades. Three important producers honed us with their presence; Mr. Dimopoulos from Santorini, Mr. Moraitis from Paros and Mr. Asimomitis from Mykonos, and talked about the thing they love so: how do they make great wine.


The wine-tasting that was organized by the Travel Center for the members of The Culinary Historians of Boston, took place by the lighted swimming pool of our hotel. The most interesting conversations emerged around the quality of local grape varieties, organic vineyards and the special characteristics of each island’s soil… Our guests tasted wines from the varieties of Assyrtico, Athiri and Aidani from Santorini; Monemvasia, Assyrtico, Malagouzia, Mantilaria and red Aidani from Paros; Ai-giannitis and Mantilaria from Mykonos.

The event evolved into a complete gourmet experience, thanks to the creativity of Mr. Nikos Petrakis, Chef of Lagos Mare Hotel. Mr. Petrakis composed a menu based on a combination of local cheeses and naxian products suitable to bring out the flavors of the selected bottles.

It was a warm spring evening, where the ancient aromas of local grape varieties made us connect with the true identity of the Cyclades and with its deep-rooted history.

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