A day in Agios Prokopios

A day in Agios Prokopios


Agios Prokopios beach, in a short walking distance from the Lagos Mare Hotel, is waiting for an unforgettable sunrise. Wrapped in a light blanket, holding a steamy cup coffee that we will be more than happy to provide you, you can watch  the stars fade and the sky changing colors till it becomes blue; Cycladic blue. The beach is empty at that time, and you will hear nothing but the birds chirping and a few minutes later, as the sun is getting warmer, the cicadas, that one by one, will start their summer singing too.

The daylight makes the sand grains shine and the beach looks like a golden field that stretches a length of two kilometres, perfectly inviting for a morning jog, for walking and for your asanas by the sea. Then, the first swim of the day is truly revitalizing: the water is crystal clear and cool, calm and sparkling in the sun. The waters of Agios Prokopios are turquoise-blue, offering a unique experience to swim there; featuring on the top three of the best beaches of Greece and on the top ten of best beaches of Europe, it is certainly a beloved place for the local people as well as the island’s visitors.

After a refreshing swim, you can relax and have a breakfast picnic at the beach. At the Lagos Mare Hotel, we agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we like to get busy, creating a breakfast hamper with pure Naxian products just for you. You can select to stay at the west side of the beach, near the small Agios Prokopios chapel which is more quiet and laid-back, or you can choose a deck chair and umbrella to gaze at the sea while enjoying a cold beverage. There are so many options at Agios Prokopios beach, to spend the day exactly the way you dreamed all those long winter days: you can do watersports, play beach volley, or read and sleep under the sun. You can visit the area’s natural salty “red lake” which many migratory birds visit, or dive to discover the amazing underwater beauty of Agios Prokopios.

It’s easy to lose track of time at the beach. Actually, we recommend to do so… Let go and enjoy the scenery. Those golden sandy hills are the center of summer life.  Spend a day at Agios Prokopios beach and stay enough to watch an impressive sunset, sipping a glass of wine at the picturesque sea-view taverns.