Enkelejola Sceme & Nexhmie Balla

Τhe Lagos Mare family: Enkelejola Sceme & Nexhmie Balla

Hospitality Occupation? -house keepers-

– How long have you been working in Lagos Mare?
Enkelejola: I started working in Lagos Mare in 2008, it’s been already ten years.
Nexhmie: I work here since the opening of the hotel.

– Do you live in the island of Naxos all year long?
E & N: Yes, we both live fifteen years in the island.

– What is your favorite hour of the day in Lagos Mare?
E: I really like spending time with my colleagues during our break. I am used to our conversations and laughs. I love to tease them, especially Dimitris!
N: I like the feeling of fulfillment when I finish my work and the smell of freshness and cleanness when I walk in the laundry room.

– What is your favorite Greek plate?
E: I love the taste of the island’s gruyere cheese.
N: I prefer traditional Greek recipes which I have grown to love, like the mousaka.

– Do you have a favorite hotel memory?
E & N: We do not have just one favorite memory, but rather a general happy feeling because of the people that work here. Over the years we have shared joyful and difficult times with them and most of them are really close. We even keep in touch with some of people that don’t longer work here, we call each other, we are friends.

– What do you like most about working in Lagos Mare?
E: The fact that I feel at home here. At first this wasn’t the case -every new start is stressful-, but now I feel confident about my work and calm.
N: I like that each day is different, I like the fact that we work as a team, organized and ready to deal with every situation. And it makes me feel good when I welcome new people that come to work here and I tell them “everything is going to be all right, you are going to have a nice time here”.

– Where do you enjoy going out in Naxos?
E: When I go out, I go to the villages: Halki, Filoti, nature there is magnificent, so green!
N: I like the beach more! I enjoy sea bathing in Agios Prokopios or an afternoon walk in Chora, by the water front.

– Which are your favorite places to eat in Naxos?
E & N: Meze meze, Maro’s and small village taverns.

– Which is your favorite Lagos Mare flavor?
– E: I love the Eastern Star Mojito by the hands of Petros Stratikis!
– N: There is nothing like the hotel’s milkshake… [laughing] It is delightful!