Hiking, swimming and exploring

The top activities in Naxos

Choosing for your holidays the biggest island of the Cyclades gives you the opportunity to enjoy more in terms of the activities and sightseeing. The truth is that Naxos is not a 3 or 4 days destination as the things to discover and the activities to enjoy are a lot! In our today’s blog post, we are focusing in three main activities sharing the best routes, the top sea activities and the attractions you can’t miss.

Hiking. Naxos’s nature has not the ordinary Cycladic scene as it has lots of green landscapes, valleys and trees that unite with the clear sky and the beautiful beaches in many parts. Additionally, walking in Naxos offers moments of unique beauty as paths go through medieval Towers, ancient ruins of temples and traditional villages ready to share the friendliness of the people along with the colours and the aromas of Naxian landscape. To enjoy panoramic views of Naxos, take the path starting from the village of Danakos and reach the top of the highest mountain in the Cyclades, Zas. Other routes are the one leading from Mélanes to Koúroi, from Filoti to the church of Panagia Drosani, as well as the interesting path leading from Apiranthos to Chalki. Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel’s people will suggest many other paths to discover Naxos!

Swimming.  Staying in Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel means staying next to the beautiful beach of Agios Prokopios. This can be your one and only stop to enjoy swimming, water sports, diving and snorkelling as a part of the beach is fully organized. If you want to see more and enjoy more summer thrills at the beaches of Naxos then visit Plaka, Mikri Vigla for windsurfing, Aliko for the cedar forest, Pyrgaki for its tranquillity and AgiosGeorgios between Lagos Mare Hotel and the capital of island.

Exploring. The catalogue for Naxos’s attractions is quite extensive and we will return with a blog post specially dedicated to them. However, let’s have a first look to the main sights that once in Naxos you should not miss. You probably have already seen the Portara in Chora, the trademark of the island. The best time to visit though is the sunset time. Then, discover the capital of the island with the castles and the picturesque alleys before heading to the temple of God Demeter, the Kouros statue in Melanes, the villages of Apiranthos, Halki, Filoti, Potamia and the monasteries and churches scattered around the island. You will need a little help, so do not hesitate to ask the people of Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel for details before or during your stay in our hotel and Naxos.