International Day of Happiness

20 of March! “International Day of Happiness” and Lagos Mare Hotel is portraying the best way to remain happy and healthy at your holidays in Naxos Island!!!
Naxos has an unparalleled and diverse landscape that ranges from the severe beauty of marble mountains and deep valleys to perfect and deserted coastlines.

It constitutes a miniature of Greece, where the fans of trekking and climbing can discover an endless network of stone-paved paths and experience the traditional Cycladic scenery and culture.

Naxos is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful island of Cyclades, so there is no better place visit either you are a fan of hiking or not. We guarantee that you will become one as soon as you explore the unrevealed paths and alleys with its picturesque views.

As the “The Times” and the “Independent” published at previous posts: The best way to get to know Naxos is to walk the island!!!

The island remains extraordinarily beautiful, filled with ancient Greek remains and Venetian towers, its whitewashed villages and well-watered terraces clinging to the sides of mountain that soar above deep green valleys. Olive trees and vineyards flourish in the fertile soil that for 5.000 years has attracted settlers.” –Patrick Cockburn, The Independent 2011

There can be few Greek Islands more suited to walking than Naxos, where verdant valleys, orchards and vineyards temper the rocky Cycladic landscape- and where tour operator Walking Plus has introduced guided walks.” –Jill Crawshaw, The Times

Routes and paths that you can follow while hiking in Naxos:

1: Apiranthos-Fanari-Moni

2: Moni – Drossiani – Rachi – Chalki.

3: Chalki – Tsikalario – Apano Kastro – Potamia – Flerio – Mili.

4: Filoti – Agia Marina – Zas.

5: Filoti – Agia Marina – Pirgos Chimarou – Zas Cave – Filoti.

6: Damalas – Avlonitsa – Apalirou – Avlonitsa – Giroulas – Sangri.

7: Koronis – Mirissis – Abram

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