Island Hopping | Cyclades

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Naxos might be the biggest of the Cyclades, the island complex in the heart of the Aegean Sea that will take a lot of days to discover and enjoy the sights, the beaches, the tastes and the sights but if you want to see more islands then take the next ferry that will take you to…

The tranquil Small Cyclades. This is another island complex belonging to Naxos. The islands of Koufonisia, Schinoussa and Donoussa are small islands with pristine beaches, easy going everyday life and authentic tastes that you can discover if you are seeking for more peace and quiet. It will take you around two hours with the local ferry line to reach the biggest of these islands, Koufonisi.

The cosmopolitan Mykonos. In about half an hour (on a speed boat) you will find yourself in the centre of the island of Mykonos with the famous nightlife, the golden sandy beaches, the shopping venues and the beach partying mood!

The vibrant Paros. The closest island to Naxos is Paros. Combining picturesque beaches that water sports aficionados love, with an Aegean architecture and ambience, this is an island that deserves to take place in your island hopping.

The famous Santorini. You have probably seen the impressive photos of the caldera and you have already heard about the dreamy sunset. You will definitely be thrilled knowing that Santorini is connected daily with Naxos throughout the year. The high speed vessels will take you to the volcanic island of Santorini in approximately one hour, whereas the ferries will bring you to Santorini in about 2 ½ hours.

This was just an idea of what’s close to Naxos regarding islands and attractions. We will be happy to assist you for further information about travelling to these islands and experiencing the island hopping thrills that the Aegean islands have to offer!