Marco Russo

Τhe Lagos Mare family: Marco Russo

Hospitality Occupation? -Chef de Cuisine-

– How long have you been working in Lagos Mare?
I have been working here for two years.

– Do you live in the island of Naxos all year long?
No, just during the working season. I live in Athens and I come from the island of Syros.

– What is your favorite hour of the day in Lagos Mare?
It’s sunset time, but I never get to see it because I am usually in the kitchen at that time. I miss summertime sunsets [laughing]. When the season starts, I say to myself I will see the sunset again in September. But I get to see many wonderful sunrises.

– What is your favorite Greek plate?
I do like the Naxian plate Rosto; I tried it at the Petrino restaurant in Plaka for the first time and it was great.

– Where do you swim in Naxos?
In Plaka: I have four hours off work around noon, so I go there for swimming and return to the kitchen feeling fresh.

– What’s your favorite month to be in the island?
I think September is the best month for me. The weather is great, the sea is great, the season is about to end and everything seems to be calming down.

– Do you have a favorite hotel memory?
I feel good when hotel guests return to Lagos Mare for their holidays, they recognize me and catch up with them. It’s always nice to learn that they appreciate my cooking when they call me at their table to thank me over a pleasant dinner.
One of my favorite memories that has to with my colleagues, is a garden barbeque party we had, wearing beach clothes, flowers, listening to reggae music, eating burgers… It was a relaxed, fun day, without pressure.

– What do you like most about working in Lagos Mare?
When I started here it was the first time that I was in charge of a kitchen, so I had a stressful first month, but it was challenging and loved the opportunity for a dynamic start. During my second year here things are quite smooth and I enjoy working with Katerina Avdouli, we get along well which is important.

– Where do you enjoy going out in Naxos?
There is no time for going out during working months, but if I have the chance, I will visit Islandbar in Agia Anna which is close, or maybe Swing or 520 in Chora.

– Which are your favorite places to eat in Naxos?
I like visiting the villages; Apeiranthos is so nice because it has good food, great view and serenity. I also like very much Halki, but there are many places there that close around four in the afternoon, so I cannot go.

– Which is your favorite 1924 plate?
Risotto with pumpkin, pine nuts and sour mizithra cheese.

– What is your favorite Naxian ingredient to cook?
I love the cheeses, they are exquisite! But not the ones that can be bought from the supermarket; the best ones are found in the villages, from local farmers.