Nature and history: The best attractions in Naxos island.

Top Naxos attractions.

Naxos is a big island. Actually, it is the biggest of the Cyclades complex of islands thus it has several sights and points of interest which unveil the aspects of the rich history and the gratitude of the Naxian nature! In our today’s blog spot we gathered the top 5 Naxos attractions categorized according to their interest to see it all and miss nothing.

The top Naxos attractions | Lagos Mare Hotel

Top Naxos Attractions

1. The Town (Chora) of Naxos! Just 4 km. from the Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel, the capital of Naxos is definitely a spot that you can’t miss. Starting from the island’s trademark, Portara, enjoy a stroll in the picturesque alleys of Chora, the Castle, the museums and the nearby archaeological sites. Do not miss shopping for souvenirs and lots more at the shops of the Naxos’s Town.

2. Archaeological sites. The Naxos Island has many more sites of historical interest like the Temple of Demeter, in the village of Ano Sangri (10 km. from Naxos). This is a recently restored temple built during the 6th century BC located in a very beautiful location. Move towards the north side of the island and the village of Melanes to admire the beauty of the large Kouros found there. This 6 meters statue lies on the ground and it was manufactured during the 7th century BC. Another Kouros in found in the village of Apollonas.

3. Churches & Monasteries. Naxos’ long religious tradition can be witnessed in the many churches scattered around the island but in church of Panagia Drossiani, the oldest church on the island and the monastery of Kalamitsa in Melanes village are the most interesting and beautiful religious places to visit.

4. The villages. Naxos Island has a lot of villages each one having a particular interest and background. Villages by the sea, at the slopes of the mountain or in the middle of the valleys it is hard to decide and propose one or two villages of Naxos. Nevertheless, the villages of Apriranthos, Halki, Filoti and so much more are worth stopping to explore them.

5. The tastes. What is Naxos above all? It is history and an Aegean beauty and above all the unique tastes. Visit the distilleries where the famous Citrus liquor is made or the cheese production units to see the traditional way of making the delicious products of Naxos.