Religious Celebrations in Naxos: Dates, churches and your “eat, drink and dance like a local” activities!

Celebrations in Naxos

Greeks love celebrating, getting together for a special occasion, sharing local food and wine and dancing! Probably the most important reason that makes the people of every village in Naxos have fun are the days that a Greek Orthodox Saint is celebrating. Read in our today’s blog post a few things about the religious feasts in Naxos along with the important dates and the villages that are calling for people to enjoy themselves in the truly Naxian way.

A few words about the religious celebrations in Naxos (panygyri). Deriving from ancient Greece where people were celebrating their saints with athletic games and a series of events and rituals, in modern times people are celebrating the Saint’s grace with a litany in the church followed by a feast with food, local wine, music and traditional dances. The celebrations in Naxos start usually on the eve with another litany whereas at the celebration day the people are coming to the church before heading to the area with big tables and the food which is ready.

If you want to feel a little bit closer to the Naxian life and live real traditional experiences then save the following dates and check if one or more of these are included to your stay in Naxos.

May. At the 5th of May in the village of Kinidaros celebrates the church of Agia Anna, when at the 20th of the same month a religious festive takes place in Agios Thalalaios village.

June. Religious festivities in June include the celebration of Agii Apostoli in Melanes village.

July. On the 8th of July the church where Lagos Mare Hotel is located, the beach that took its name celebrates Agios Prokopios and you can’t miss it. On the 14th the Chora of Naxos and the village of Glinados celebrates the Agios Nikodimos, when at the 25th the homonymous village celebrates the Agia Anna’s grace.

August. This month has one of the most important religious celebrations in Naxos & the whole Greece. At the 15th of August almost in every village of Naxos a church celebrates the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Moreover, at the 29th of the same month religious festive are organized at the villages of Apiranthos and Apolonas to celebrate Agios Ioannis.

September. This is an ideal month to combine a visit to the monasteries along with their celebrations in Naxos. Thus at the 8th the Monastery of Panagia Drosani celebrates and the 14th the Monastery of Timios Stauros is also organizing an interesting festival.

For directions and more details just ask our people at the Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel and enjoy!