The Villages of Naxos, Part I: The close to Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel gems of Naxos!

Villages of Naxos

Naxos island is the biggest in the complex of the Cycladic islands scattered in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Naxos is an island with many villages and among the few islands in the Aegean with so many big and small villages to visit and discover more about the true colours and the beautiful landscapes that Naxos hinterland has to offer. Today we will take you on a journey to the villages of Naxos which are close to Agios Prokopios beach and the Chora of Naxos. Starting from Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel these villages of Naxos are as far away as 15 kilometres the longest! Ready? Let’s find out why you should make a stop at the villages of Naxos island.

Vivlos village, Naxos. We are starting with the village of Tripodes or, according to the name on the signs, the village of Vivlos. In a distance of 7,5 km from Lagos Mare, you will visit Vivlos for the Windmills on the hill, to buy the famous potatoes of Naxos and make a stop at the church of Theotokos as well as at the walls of the Venetian Tower found in the village.

Potamia village, Naxos. After approximately 10 km. from Lagos Mare, you will be at the villages of Ano (Upper), Mesi (Middle) and Kato (Lower) Potamia. Three villages of Naxos which took their names from the river crossing them (potami-a means river) and which you have to visit for the windmills (14 of them to be exact) and make a stop to the Tower of Kokkos. Tip: If you are a hiker, try walking from one village to the other.

Sangri village, Naxos. Even if you don’t visit any other village, you can’t miss the village of Sangri. 12 km. from Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel in Agios Prokopios, Naxos and you are in a mysterious, mountainous village with medieval architecture and a Monastery plus the ancient Temple dedicated to the Goddess Demeter, one of Naxos’s main attractions. Built in the 500 B.C. this is one of the best preserved temples found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Melanes village, Naxos. We are moving on to yet another village of Naxos with particular interest. The village of Melanes is 11 km. from Lagos Mare Hotel and home to the one of the two Kouros statues found in Naxos. The massive Kouros statue of 6,5 meters length is lying among the many olive trees of this village and some archaeologists believe that it might be the God Dionysus, widely worshiped during ancient times in Naxos. Moreover, the village of Melanes is one of the oldest in Naxos and took its name by its black soil. This is a famous hiking destination in Naxos and you will also see many Venetian Towers and Mansions homes of the rich residents of Naxos during the medieval era. Next to Melanes village is the Kourounochori village where you can visit the Tower of Delarocca.

More Villages of Naxos: 5 km. off Lagos Mare is the small village of Agios Arsenios where you will find some beautiful churches, such as Agios Arsenios that gave his name to the village among them, where for more churches visit also the village of Egares (13 km. from Agios Prokopios beach). Nature lovers make a stop at the neighbouring to Egares village of Galini.

We are returning to the villages close to Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel to make a stop at the village of Glinados for the beautiful nature, and the Temple dedicated to the God Dionysus, at the area of Iria, and of course we are visiting the picturesque village of Agia Anna for swimming and the beautiful Cycladic atmosphere.

For more information about visiting the villages of Naxos just ask the people of Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel. We have more activities and sightseeing proposals for a complete stay in Naxos Island.