The Villages of Naxos, Part II: Secrets Revealed. Beauty Unveiled!

Naxos Villages

Following our previous post with the nearby to the Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel and Agios Prokopios villages of Naxos, today we are going a few kilometres further. Keep in mind that Naxos is a big island so the hinterland thrills do stop so quickly.

Apiranthos village, Naxos. You will have to drive approximately 28 km. from Lagos Mare Hotel to reach one of the most beautiful and famous Naxos villages. You will come to Apiranthos primarily for the views to the valleys, the 3 museums (Archaelogical, Folklore & Geological), to have lunch at the taverns or a coffee with a traditional dessert at the cafes, to visit the churches and to wonder around the alleys of this village to feel the allure and the heartbeat of Naxos’s centre!

Chalki village, Naxos. If you don’t want to “climp” up to Apiranthos, then go to Chalki village. After 18 km. from Lagos Mare, you will be in the heart of agricultural Naxos. The former capital of the island is now a charming village with impressive architecture, many Towers, like the Gratsia Tower, and of course a lot of important churches. Finish your visit to Chalki village with a stop at Valindra Distilery to taste and buy the Naxos’s most famous taste; the Citrus liquor.

Filoti village, Naxos. We stay in the area where after 2 km. from Chalki, we find the village of Filoti. We make a stop here for a stroll to this amphitheatrically built village with the beautiful views and the neighbours with the traditional whitewashed houses.

Kinidaros village, Naxos. We are now starting moving towards the north side of Naxos Island to reach up to the village of Apolonas. Before that and after 20 km. from Lagos Mare, we make stop to the village of Kinidaros for the lavish scenery and to see the marble mines where the famous Naxian marble was extracted during the ancient times.

Moni Village, Naxos. Next stop is the village of Moni for a stroll in the village’s alleys and to buy some traditionally made textiles by the women of the village who are famous for their craftsmanship in making beautiful pieces of textile. Also we make a stop to the church of Panagia Drosani, one of the oldest on the island.

Keramoti village, Naxos. We are now as far as 25 km from Agios Prokopios and the village of Keramoti. The village is untouched by tourism and here you will witness an authentic piece of genuine Naxos. Search her for some locally made honey.

Koronos village, Naxos. The mountainous village of Koronos is our next stop. Built at an altitude of 500 meters, enjoy there the views and some of Naxos’s best wines. Look for the Cave of Pan to enhance you stop with some points of history.

Skados village, Naxos. After Koronos and at the small village of Skados, you will take more glimpses to the greenery of Naxos.

Apollonas village, Naxos. Leave behind the mountains of Naxos and we are now in the village of Apollonas. This is a picturesque fishing village where the other Kouros, an even bigger one, of Naxos lies.  Enjoy a stroll to the little port, have lunch with fresh fish at the taverns and swim at the crystal clear waters taking beautiful memories back to the Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel where you will relax.

Extra: Moutsouna village, Naxos: We saved for the last a beautiful village on the east side of the island of Naxos. After 40 km you will reach the coastline of the island. The once main port for the marble export is a beautiful fishing village with many little beaches to swim and enjoy a real Naxian and Cycladic experience!

We have now completed our journey to Naxos villages. Hope you enjoyed reading and now you feel like discovering the secrets and the beauties of Naxos. The people of Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel will be at your disposal for further information!