Vassilis Lapanaitis

Τhe Lagos Mare family: Vassilis Lapanaitis
Hospitality Occupation? -Director of the Hotel-

– How long have you been working in Lagos Mare?
I work in Lagos Mare the last twelve years and it’s been twenty years that I visit the island.

– Do you live in the island of Naxos all year long?
No, I live in Athens during winter months.

– What is your favorite hour of the day in Lagos Mare?
My favorite hour is early in the morning, around 7 o’ clock, waiting to welcome the guests and feeling the joyful energy of another busy day about to start. I also like evenings, when the rhythms are slowing down, and one can enjoy moments of pure calmness.

– What is your favorite Greek plate?
It’s difficult to choose just a favorite plate. I do appreciate the simple, fine flavors of Naxos island, that only quality local ingredients deliver. A traditional plate of goat meat with lemon sauce, local fried potatoes or grapes cut straight from the vineyard, so fresh and pure that I can eat without washing them first.

– Where do you swim in Naxos?
I don’t have time for swimming. I only go to the beach when I make time just to accompany my family and relax with my children.

– Do you have a favorite hotel memory?
I have so many favorite memories! I will tell you a funny one: about five years ago, we had a poolside dinner event. Our waiter at the time, Christoforos, was serving dinner and as we walked around the tables holding the tray above his head, fell into the pool. He was soaking wet, but managed to keep the tray steady and dry. He stepped outside the pool, dripping water; smiled and waved at the astonished visitors, served them as if nothing had happened, and then went to change his clothes while the visitors were clapping!

Another favorite memory is the Lagos Mare fishing trip that we organized a couple years ago. It was an event especially designed for the Culinary Historians of Boston, where our Executive Chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos led a most fascinating culinary discussion on board, that was followed by the cooking of the fish and wine pairing by well-known Aegean wine producers.

– What do you like most about working in Lagos Mare?
I like that I feel at home here. The spaces and the people are familiar and beloved.

– Where do you enjoy going out in Naxos?
I enjoy visiting the villages, Halki, Filoti, Apeiranthos… I usually combine a walk with dinner, so Vasilarakios in Kinidaros, Haris in Eggares or Matina in Koronos would be great choices for eating out too.

– Which is your favorite 1924 plate?
The salted cheesecake with goat cheese, carob rusk, olive oil, thyme,
cherry tomatoes confit and crispy prosciutto as well as the burger with Naxian ground beef and Naxian gruyere.

– Would you like to describe Lagos Mare hotel with a feeling?
It would be a feeling of home: it is not easy to achieve it and it is not easy to find. It is one of Lagos Mare values and our guests feel it because the people that work here feel it too; We wish to combine the warmth of this home feeling with new, inspiring experiences so that our guests will have an authentic, unforgettable stay.