The island of Naxos is an inspiring canvas to release your need for safe and fun authentic experiences. A plethora of activities awaits, combining action with the discovery of the island’s most breathtaking places: wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters, the serene inner land, picturesque mountain paths, the island’s archaeological and byzantine treasures as well as picture perfect traditional villages; following your own personal pace and taste, enjoy the best of Naxos by joining a scuba diving class for beginners or select dives for certified divers; do windsurf or kite surf; discover the island through sightseeing tours, trekking, hiking or even horseback riding. Pamper yourself with the soul nourishing experience of island hopping; take a daily trip or sail to the charming nearby islands.


Book a full day of sunshine and sea fun! Discover what difference a day makes, by booking one for sailing from Naxos to Koufonisia or to the Small Cyclades islands. You will have the chance to swim, discover amazing beaches and coves accessible only by water, enjoy Mediterranean treats on board and finish the day with great company, a glass of local wine and the word’s most famous sunset.

Sightseeing Tour

Naxian people are proud for their island’s rich culture. History and creativity blend most graciously, never stopping to amaze visitors as well as locals. See and experience the authentic Naxos with our certified, professional guide.  You can select either half day (four hours) of sightseeing or opt for a full day (eight hours) program, which includes a delicious and leisurely lunch.

Follow a pre-devised itinerary, or let us know your interests, and we will be happy to create a personalized tour just for you.

Lagos Mare Signature Gastronomy Tour

With our own Lagos Mare fishing boat and personal collaboration with the island’s most qualified producers, we are a leading part of the famous Naxian gastronomic amalgam. Become an island insider, by letting us guide you in hidden island gardens, kitchens, vineyards, farms and workshops. Discover the true Cycladic flavors, eating on location, enjoying the purest local products and recipes. Join our wine tasting workshops and learn how to cook your favorite Greek dishes in our customized culinary lessons. Here at the Lagos Mare hotel, we believe that you have to taste a culture to understand it. Tasting Naxos by joining our Signature Gastronomy Tour, is one of the reasons to fall in love with the island.

Kite surf / Windsurf

The revitalizing sea breeze, the friendly Cycladic winds and the jewel-toned waves that surround the island of Naxos, make it a word top destination for windsurfers and kite boarders. With certified schools located on the island’s most beautiful beaches, you have no excuses not to try the unforgettable experience of taming the perfect, inviting, Cycladic waves.

Horse Riding

Get in touch with nature, feel grounded and exercise in the most graceful way, by joining a certified horse riding course and horse riding tours. Ride on the beach, luxuriating in the Cycladic light and discover the rural mild hills and picturesque routes of the beautiful countryside.

The Lagos Mare Herb & Flower Tour

This unique activity is dedicated to all our Guests that have a passion for plants and gardens. Our skilled gardeners will guide you through the hotel’s outdoor terraces, explaining the types of traditional and rare herb and flower varieties, their properties, healing powers and characteristics, how they should be treated and where they come from. Become an expert in recognizing Greek aromatic herbs in your favorite local recipes and wine!