Asimina Kapiniari

Τhe Lagos Mare family: Asimina Kapiniari

Hospitality Occupation? –service and buffet, barista-

– How long have you been working in Lagos Mare?
It’s my first year here, I started this May.

– Do you live in the island of Naxos all year long?
Yes, I come from Naxos and my family lives here too, in Chora. I am part of a family of photographers, which is fun, it’s social, you get to be around people’s happiest moments, like a wedding or a christening. I like the contact with other people and that’s why I enjoy working in a hotel.

– What is your favorite hour of the day in Lagos Mare?
When the Chef de Cuisine calls me in the kitchen in order to taste a delicious recipe [laughing]. Seriously, apart from that, I don’t have a favorite hour, I just love moving around, I do not like at all sitting at one place. If I have five or ten minutes to myself, I enjoy walking in the garden and spending a couple of serene moments in the kiosk.

– What is your favorite Greek plate?
Kalogeros, an all-time classic Naxian dish, made with eggplants, veal, tomato sauce and gruyere cheese. In Apeirathos village I have tasted the best Kalogero… I do visit island taverns especially in the winter. The Amorginos in Apeiranthos is one of my favorites.

– Where do you swim in Naxos?
I like swimming in Plaka, the water is great and has a beach bar popular to young people.

– What’s your favorite month to be in the island?
I think September and May; Both months are calm and peaceful, but there are enough people that create a pleasant vibe.

– Do you have a favorite hotel memory?
I enjoy being around people so I have some sweet memories. My favorite one, has to do with a couple that came from NY with baby twins and an older child: I loved helping with the babies, moving their stroller around when I was not serving in order to help the parents enjoy a relaxing dinner.

– What do you like most about working in Lagos Mare?
I like the people here, the relationships developing through everyday working routines are warm and friendly. We support each other and we like to go out sometimes together. When I first came here I was stressed because everything was new, especially behind the bar. Now I feel myself and I can get that perfect heart shaped foam in the center of your Cappuccino [laughing]!

– Where do you enjoy going out in Naxos?
In the summer time, I like going to Apostolis for dinner and to Swing or 520 for drinks. I cannot stay up late though, summer is all about work for me. During winter months, I can relax and go out more.

– Which is your favorite 1924 plate?
The Naxian beef chop is one of my favorites and of course I love the fresh fish baked in parchment paper with seasonal vegetables.

– Would you like to describe Lagos Mare hotel with a feeling?
Fun; I like making people laugh. I like “taking over” the music sets creating a joyful mood in the hotel, or teasing my colleagues when we are having a break from work.