Dimitris Apostolopoulos

Τhe Lagos Mare family: Dimitris Apostolopoulos

Hospitality Occupation? -Manager of the Hotel-

– How long have you been working in Lagos Mare?
It’s been three years that I work here.

– Do you live in the island of Naxos all year long?
Yes, I do; the last seven years I live permanently in the island. I am from Patra and my wife, Despoina Kontopoulou is from Naxos, from Koronos.

– How does it feel to live in Naxos?
It’s a fulfilling experience. Naxos is ideal for combining relaxation and diversion.

– Did you have an easy start working in Lagos Mare?
When I was a student, many years before I started working here, I was spending my holidays in Naxos and used to take evening walks with Despoina around Lagos Mare. Sometimes we could hear live piano music coming out of the hotel which was really charming and made us wonder about how it would feel to live in this hotel. So, when I started working here, I kind of already felt connected with this place.

– What is your favorite hour of the day in Lagos Mare?
My favorite hour at the hotel would be when I take a break, and stand on the garden chess board, absorbing the quietness and the garden’s cool breeze.

– What is your favorite Greek plate?
Anything with cheese from Naxos.

– Where do you swim in Naxos?
I swim more in September and October. I usually go to Agios Prokopios or Alykes.

– What’s your favorite month to be in the island?
I love being here all year long. Every month has something special. Even winter months are beautiful here.

– Do you have a favorite hotel memory?
I got married last year, and everyone from the stuff really helped me as if they were family; they covered my post, they helped with dozens of details in order to have everything as we have dreamed, it was incredible. It was an experience we lived all together, and a treasured shared memory.

– What do you like most about working in Lagos Mare?
That it doesn’t feel like working. It feels like a family that helps me support my own family.

– Where do you enjoy going out in Naxos?
I like the quiet life, maybe a walk in Agio Prokopio or in Chora. When I go out for the evening I usually go to 520 in the summer and to Palia Agora in the winter.

– Which is your favorite 1924 plate?
The risotto is one of my favorites.

– Would you like to describe Lagos Mare hotel with a feeling?